Hi I’m Pantip Malakul

I started painting in 1986 and had my first exhibition in 1989 selling 16 paintings in 2 days. One of my paintings was accepted by the Westminster Gallery as one of 300 from 3000 paintings entered for their exhibition of Britain Painters of the year 1990.

Having grown up in the harsh sun of Thailand I have learned to appreciate the subtle colours through the changing seasons of England. Using a natural talent for watercolour, an instinctive feel for colour and a combination of skills and experiences I produce unique watercolour landscapes which combine the pastel colours of England with oriental simplicity in a distinctive atmospheric way. My paintings create a sense of space giving a resting place for the eyes and a lightening of the soul.

All my paintings, be it landscape, flowers, portraits, buildings, animals or figures from life, reflect the motto “less is more”.

My photographic skills, encouraged since the very young age of 8, had not come into the public eye until I achieved 94% with distinction in the City & Guilds examination.

Being observant and a little secretive by nature, with the love of beauty in all forms, my photographs reflect the hidden corners of the English landscape which may have gone unnoticed until captured through the eyes of my lens.

With a deep passion for animals and children, my photographs have captured them in their natural beauty and movement.