Earlier this year I decided I wanted to try some life painting after not doing any for many years.

After some thought and research I concluded that hiring a studio and model for a photographic session would give me a series of photos with a variety of poses that I could paint from for some time.

In July I hired Cottage Studios in West Sussex for a two hour session using one of the models, Miu, that was showcased on their website. As the day of the shoot approached I had a mixture of extreme nervousness and excitement due I think to my lack of experience of such a formal photographic setting.

Fortunately Brian, the studio owner and Miu were fantastic and very professional and with their help a disastrous day was avoided. Brian gave me all the technical guidance I needed and shot a complete set of photos as a backup in case I had any difficulties.

As it turned out I had camera problems with the result that I had many failed shots, Brian's backup set has however given me a complete series to paint from for which I was very thankful.

I am sure that the experience I have gained from this session will be of great benefit to me in the future as I hope to do another session, better prepared, less anxious and without camera problems.